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Happy New Years

May 2014 be the best year ever, full of hand-made hats, fireworks, and plenty of Scotch.



New Years Eve Essentials

Looking for something elegant and sophisticated to wear for New Years?  Well you’re in luck, because Goodwill has you covered.  Here are some of my favorite things currently listed at Goodwill’s online site, some great vintage and some stunning designer wear that would make a splash at any classy New Years Eve celebration.

For starters, here are some dresses that fit the bill.


Marc Jacobs Tuxedo Dress


Embroidered Carmen Marc Valvo Tunic


Alice + Olivia Metallic Shift Dress


Vera Wang Lavender Label Sequin Dress



Something a bit more casual perhaps?


Vince Black Knit Linen Sweater


PRADA Black Wool Skirt


Marni Wool Bolero



And to keep you warm.


John Doyle Bishop Black Cashmere Overcoat


Persian Lamb Fur Coat w/ Mink Collar


Vintage Wool Nurse’s Cape (1940’s)



Don’t forget to accessorize.


14K Yellow Gold Iolite Drop Earrings


Vintage Givenchy Silk Scarf


Silver Faux Pearl Marcasite Leaf Link Necklace


Vintage Mexican Silver Link Collar Necklace



And most important, wear great shoes.


Manolo Blahnik Black Heels


Sonya Rykiel Patent Leather Heels


Sofie D’Hoore Metallic Silver Heels


Repetto Black Ballerina Mid Heels



To find out what these great items are, visit my Pinterest board.  This post is not affiliated with Goodwill, I just want you to have beautiful things.  Sorry fellas, all we have for you are Air Jordans, Filson, and flannel.


House Cooling Party @ Hospital Kitchen

Whitney roasted a very small turkey, there were really delicious raisin crackers, and Arnold Palm made his last appearance at Hospital Kitchen.  No fascists were killed.


Affordable Art Fair Comes to Seattle

The Affordable Art Fair is in town for the next 4 days and there is SOOOOO much great art to see from over 50 galleries, many of which are local.  Last night’s preview party was great fun, but I’ll be heading back to catch all of the art that I didn’t see.



I’ve Been Posting Like A Madman

Fans of this website, most likely a handful of art enthusiasts and my Mom, you might have noticed that there have been less postings lately.  Yes that is true, but it turns out that the postings are now showing up over on  The reason, their layout is way better and the picture uploading thing is far easier.  But also I don’t want to just double post everything anymore.  As of now this site will be a place where I round up my contributions, wherever they may be, as well as add stuff that doesn’t fit the other sites, like food photography (jk) and musings about vintage cameras and shibori (not jk).  But stay tuned, cause there might be something that is exclusive to Dandysme (NSFW), you just might be surprised.

This week I’ve combed Craigslist for art related job postings, invited anyone to join us at Art Klatch (Driftwood Horses of the Apocalypse), wrote about some writing and art events going on around town, and got super excited about the new Jack Straw look book featuring Sierra Stinson and Issey Miyake clothing.

And soon there will be a little something over at Vanguard about glass artist Cappy Thompson.  So stay tuned!!


Finding Robert Sperry at the Goodwill

When I tell people that I work at Goodwill they often ask me, “what is the weirdest thing that you’ve found?”  Over the year and a half that I’ve worked for everyone’s favorite thrift shop, listing the creme de la creme on eBay and we’ve found and listed some crazy stuff, a human skull with a hinged lid used for anatomy class, and a purse made out of an armadillo come to mind as unusually weird items, but to be honest, I am more interested in the rare and the coveted things, valuable or collected items that easily slide past the casual observer.  I’ve been in complete awe over a small bronze sculpture of a leaping deer from the Wiener Werkstatte shop of Hagenauer, and I had to mop up some drool once over an oil on copper plate painting that likely dated to 17th century South America.  Next to those 2 things a Canon camera built immediately after the war from previous models and parts made during the war ranked on the rarified and amazing, 1 of only 500 some odd models to exist in the world, and it somehow was donated somewhere in the Seattle area.

I’ve pinned, using Pinterest, my favorite finds over my tenure, something like 600+ objects, maybe 5 percent of the overall items passing through my hands have intrigued me or fascinated me.  And just today I added 2 new finds to that list, making an otherwise mundane day of listing stand out.

What did I list you ask?  Well, just 2 pieces from renown studio ceramist Robert Sperry.  Sperry is kind of a local legend, working in the UW ceramics department as a professor for a good majority of his career he not only influenced several generations of studio art potters, but his own work evolved and captivated collectors across the world.  Sperry made works that to the uninformed look unfinished, or maybe even sloppy, but the beauty was in the intention, and the fact that nothing of this kind had been made before.  His work with firing and glazes set a new standard, techniques he learned from intense study mixed with an artist’s unque filter of innovation.  His work become a hit, and he even made large public works during his long and prolific career.

I had noticed Sperry’s work a few years back when NCECA (National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts) came to town, and his role in the Northwest studio ceramics movement became evident to me, this is someone who really impacted his art form, changing and influencing his medium locally as well as globally.

So when I spotted 2 rather large pieces casually sitting on a rack waiting to be listed I knew exactly what I had found.  Kudos to the quality control manager at the donation station that spotted these, identifying them as special, most likely based on their size, heft, and conspicuous signature, which as artist’s signature go, is pretty much illegible.  But they ended up at our Seattle store in perfect condition and the hope was that someone on our talented team could take it from there, identifying the pieces for online listing.


I was lucky to be that lister, and my morning was spectacular.  I recognized the style, and the signature looked about right.  I referenced the signature, dates, and style and came up with a match.  I am happy to say that we have 2 beautiful Sperry works now online, the sale of which will go towards Goodwill’s mission to provide effective employment training and basic education to individuals experiencing significant barriers to economic opportunity.

Here is what I found, and based on my research and the help of a good friend, who at this point owns over 65 of Sperry’s pieces spanning an entire career, I can say that we have an example of Sperry’s early work from the 1960’s and a marvelous piece dating to 1979 with white crackle glaze.  Both extraordinary works.

Early Robert Sperry bowl from the 1960's.

Early Robert Sperry bowl from the 1960’s.

It’s listed HERE.

Sperry white crackle tray dated 1979.

Sperry white crackle tray dated 1979.

And this can be found HERE.


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